What does adventure mean to you Jess?
Adventure to me is the constant search for life's highlights. Those moments where you're scared, excited, and completely out of your mind, yet somehow still manage to calculate risks and surprise yourself every step of the way.

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Tell us a little about your self?
My adventurous self can be very impulsive, and also extremely cautious. I think the combination of characteristics has served me well and will continue to... The activities I like range from extreme to mellow. The thing that really gets me going is combining the two. For example, I love to slackline, but when the snow arrives in Canada how the hell can you slackline?! You do it in socks and have your mate constantly dust the snow off the line like a curling rink, that's how! Figuring out how to accomplish things that others find impossible or absurd is what I love. That being said, finding likeminded people is what really makes these adventures possible. Adventure Junky connects so many people and places that it's much easier to find epic adventurers these days. It's like one big tribe all coming together in an app.


What was your BEST adventure?
My best adventure so far has been learning to kiteboard. I remember seeing people doing it on the beach about 5 years ago. I was so unsure of myself back then that the possibility of accomplishing it or even trying it never even popped into my head. I simply thought "wow those people are so intensely awesome" and went about my life. 5 rotations around the sun later, I suddenly got the courage and the motivation to try it. Second day on the water I was harnessing the wind and riding on the ocean screaming at the top of my lungs from sheer stoke. I don't remember a time when I've been that excited and happy within myself. (Girls, you can do it! Don't doubt yourself!)

What's at the top of your Bucket List?
Right now, the top of my bucket list is completing my Commercial Helicopter Pilot License. Learn to fly, then fly away!

What is your favourite object to travel with?
Aside from being an adventure junky, I'm also a creative junky and video has been a passion of mine since highschool. So my GoPro and my drone are my favourite objects to travel with.

Anything else weird, wild or wonderful you want to share about yourself?
Wild: My hair.
Wonderful: I can confidently say that I have a huge heart, and gladly open it to anyone if it can help make their day better. We all could use a little more open-ness and vulnerability. Whole-hearted living and loving is where it's at peeps 🤙🏻


Do you have any feedback for the Adventure Junky app?
Keep inspiring people... seriously that's what you're doing. Your app is innovative and will constantly grow. Enjoy the process of this journey with all the ups and downs and don't change your spirit because that is what makes the app. Without that, it wouldn't be what it is!

Keep following her adventures...
On the app: Jess Clark
Instagram: @jessclarkcreative


Around AREA 47 you have plenty of opportunities to explore the Alps in a particularly spectacular way. While canyoning in Otztal you get straight down to business - you discover a realm which would otherwise only be accessible using a rope and with a great deal of bravery!

While abseiling through thundering waterfalls, leaping from metres high cliff into the dark green puddles and while sliding at speed through gullies you get to see who has nerves of steel. 

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Behind every great App is a great founder or two...
Here’s our attempt to take you behind the scenes to hear what inspired us to create the Adventure Junky App.

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Sydney-based scientist and photographer Jon Collins was today named the ‘2016 Adventure Junky of the Year’ after a tight race with Ecuadorian adventurer Isabel Robinson.  John beat close to 10,000 competitors for the cash grand prize, completing over 50 adventures in destinations as diverse as Ethiopia, Nepal, Mongolia and West Papua. 

Adventure Junky Co-founder Fuchsia Claire Sims summed up Jon's tremendous achievement. “We’ve gave our community a simple brief - share with us your best adventures and become co-creators of the app - but only those that are ‘high’ on experience, and ‘low’ on impact will make the cut.  Jon Collins, our 2016 winner, excelled in this regard. He represents a new tribe of traveller, actively seeking out experiences that respect people and place, that are both authentic and adventurous.”

Below is just a small sample of Jon's adventures. To see them all jump on the Adventure Junky App and head for the Leaderboard for Jon's full profile.