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2016 goes down as the year the Adventure Junky App became the playing-field for adventure travellers of every genre to share their latest and find their next adventure. In the closing weeks of 2016 alone, thousands of adventures were submitted by our community. Here's a selection of the year's finest.

  • Surfing the North Sea, Lofoten, Norway
  • Street art safari, Melbourne, Australia
  • Kayaking the length of Lake Malawi, Tanzania
  • Snorkelling between tectonic plates, Iceland
  • Rappelling down Angel Falls, Venezuela
  • The Trans Ecuadorian Mountain Bike Route
  • Hiking the cloud forests of Costa Rica
  • Photographing star-trails in US Ghost towns
  • Sami Reindeer gatherings in Lapland, Finland
  • Skydiving out of a C17 Globemaster
  • Trekking with Berbers across Morocco
  • Following the Butterfly trails, Mexico
  • Homestay with Kazakh eagle-hunters, Mongolia
  • Orphanage volunteering in Vietnam

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