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Sydney-based scientist and photographer Jon Collins was today named the ‘2016 Adventure Junky of the Year’ after a tight race with Ecuadorian adventurer Isabel Robinson.  John beat close to 10,000 competitors for the cash grand prize, completing over 50 adventures in destinations as diverse as Ethiopia, Nepal, Mongolia and West Papua. 

Adventure Junky Co-founder Fuchsia Claire Sims summed up Jon's tremendous achievement. “We’ve gave our community a simple brief - share with us your best adventures and become co-creators of the app - but only those that are ‘high’ on experience, and ‘low’ on impact will make the cut.  Jon Collins, our 2016 winner, excelled in this regard. He represents a new tribe of traveller, actively seeking out experiences that respect people and place, that are both authentic and adventurous.”

Below is just a small sample of Jon's adventures. To see them all jump on the Adventure Junky App and head for the Leaderboard for Jon's full profile.

#AddedAdventures, #self-guided


2016 goes down as the year the Adventure Junky App became the playing-field for adventure travellers of every genre to share their latest and find their next adventure. In the closing weeks of 2016 alone, thousands of adventures were submitted by our community. Here's a selection of the year's finest.

  • Surfing the North Sea, Lofoten, Norway
  • Street art safari, Melbourne, Australia
  • Kayaking the length of Lake Malawi, Tanzania
  • Snorkelling between tectonic plates, Iceland
  • Rappelling down Angel Falls, Venezuela
  • The Trans Ecuadorian Mountain Bike Route
  • Hiking the cloud forests of Costa Rica
  • Photographing star-trails in US Ghost towns
  • Sami Reindeer gatherings in Lapland, Finland
  • Skydiving out of a C17 Globemaster
  • Trekking with Berbers across Morocco
  • Following the Butterfly trails, Mexico
  • Homestay with Kazakh eagle-hunters, Mongolia
  • Orphanage volunteering in Vietnam

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WOop woop... when you get home to find your Travel Play Live magazine in the letterbox... and open it to find the first article is yours! What a way to kick start 2017, and a great reminder to have a more powerful voice when it comes to the future of travel and how we can positively shape & impact our planet and our own lives by simply returning to nature.

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Adventure Junky iPhone app NOW LIVE!

Adventure travel exponents Adventure Junky this week launched the earth’s first adventure travel game. The game brings together adventure travellers of every genre - from hikers to bikers, climbers to divers, sailors to snowboarders and wildlife watchers to wing suiters - on the same playing field, and pits them against one another in friendly rivalry. The goal: to determine the Earth’s Number 1 Adventure Junky.

An initial 500+ adventures, from almost every country and culture have been hand-picked by the Adventure Junky team for their authenticity, sustainability and uniqueness of experience. Add to that a rapidly growing number of adventures drawn from players and Destination Partners. Each adventure has been allocated a Points Score, based on a set of challenge factors. Players earn Points and progress up the Leaderboard by completing Adventures.

Adventures range from the softer, such as a Patagonia winery safari or foraging in the Sweden wilderness, to the extreme of summiting the seven volcanoes of Guatemala or a Favela tour in Rio. There’s self-guided (DIY) local adventures for the weekend warrior and fully guided international trips, led by the world’s best operators. Whilst the adventures are undertaken by individuals in the real world, the game is played in the digital world via the Adventure Junky App. 

The Adventure Junky App has been designed to streamline the traveller’s journey from the high of one adventure to the next. On it users can browse, bucket list, book, plan, share and add adventures. The app keeps track of, ranks and rewards their achievements. Friends and heroes can be followed creating a strong social community. The App is available on iPhone and iPad, with Android available shortly.

Australian Adventure Junky co-founders Fuchsia Sims and Nigel Malone have a pedigree in tourism marketing, having rebranded three World Heritage Sites and become recognised as specialists in cultural tourism. They’ve also both worked as adventure guides in past lives. Their evidence-based business model was built after a solid six months of market research into the experience economy. The Chairman of Adventure Junky is John Morse AM, former head of Tourism Australia.

Mr Malone outlines the phenomenal growth in Adventure travel. “Of the more than six billion trips that travellers make every year, 40% have an adventure component. That’s 2.4 billion adventures a year, and growing at 15 per cent per annum. Gamification is the glue that can bring adventurers together,” he said. “You only have to look at Fitbit and Strava to see the rise in massive online communities created through gamification.”

But for the founders, it is the psychological side of adventure and games they find most fascinating. Ms Sims explains, “Adventure is addictive. It takes you out of your comfort zone. But not all those who wander are lost. Adventure enables us to grow and develop as individuals. To better understand the world and people around us. It can heal the greatest lows, and inspire us to the greatest heights. Our mission is to fuel the addiction to adventure.”

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A few weeks ago I heard someone use the world 'McTravel' and it summed up my thoughts about why we started Adventure Junky. We live in an age when consumers no longer define themselves by the brands they buy, but rather by the experiences they keep - and share. The more authentic, unique and meaningful those experiences are - the more valuable they are, and come to define us as individuals.

At Adventure Junky our mission is to find the earth's greatest adventures. The sort of adventure you’ll take a Land Rover, not a Greyhound bus. A kayak, not a cruise liner. From every corner and culture of the earth. Small group, low impact adventures. Most importantly they are authentic, meaningful experiences, that respect people and place.  

Download our iPad App and see for yourself, or set up an alert at AdventureJunky.com to be notified when iPhone and Android apps are released.