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Adventure is addictive. #adventurejunky

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Adventure is a powerful force. It inspires, educates and connects us with the world around us. We think it’s one of the few positive addictions one can have, and that’s why we created the Adventure Junky App.

Adventure Junky’s reason for being is to fuel the addiction, to streamline your journey from the high of one adventure to the next. We’ve found an engaging and entertaining way to accomplish this mission.

We’ve created a game – the earth’s first adventure travel game. Every adventure on the App has a score and the more adventures you complete the more rewards you earn.

We aim to find out who is the earth’s number #1 Adventure Junky, but this is a game everyone can play thanks to the mobile technology we carry with us everyday. 

We’re doing the hard work and curating the earth’s most incredible adventures. Authentic, meaningful, and sustainable adventures - with broad appeal. 

All you have to do – is do them - or even better tell us about your adventures and we’ll add them to the game, AND award you bonus points.

Download our iPad App, or set up an alert at AdventureJunky.com to be notified when iPhone and Android apps are released – and let the game begin!