Adventure is a powerful force. It enables us to grow and develop as individuals, to better understand the world around us, to heal, to inspire, to relax and reconnect. It is one of the few positive addictions one can have in life. Adventure Junky has assembled what we believe to be some of the greatest adventures on earth, with a simple goal - to fuel your addiction to adventure. Here's a few of our favourites - of the 100's which you can experience simply by downloading the Adventure Junky App.

Adventure Travel DEFINED

Adventure travel is not just bungee jumping or skydiving. Adventure travel simply has a natural, physical or cultural element to it, ideally all three. But how is Adventure travel different to any other type of travel? Adventure travel is a trend away from the sanitised, mass travel of bus tours and cruise liners, to more authentic, personal, immersive and meaningful travel experiences.


Everyone says they have the best adventures. All we can say is that ours hand-selected by the founders of the company. They are adventures we want to do, or would happily do again - and our standards are as high as they come. Our adventures will take you to truly incredible places, to meet great characters, to see things you have only dreamt of. They are the experiences that will make your mind smile every time you think back to them. 


Some adventure travelers prefer the comfort and confidence of a tour company and an experienced guide to organise and lead their travels. Some destinations or routes simply aren’t possible with out one. Adventure Junky selects our guided tours both on the quality of the experience and the sustainability of the operator - that is how they contribute to the people and places they visit.


Some adventure travelers prefer independence, to plan and self organise their adventures. To chart their own course, at their own pace. Self-guided some say are the only adventures. Our self-guided adventures are mix of adventures that might require a level of skill beyond the ordinary to those that literally anyone can undertake at minimal if any expense at all.


We don’t have a monopoly on the earth’s greatest adventures. That’s why we ask you, and all Adventure Junky App users to tell us about your best adventures. If we like them, with your permission, we’ll add them to the App so others can enjoy and experience them as well. This is one of the reasons why there is no greater source for adventure than the Adventure Junky App. So what are you waiting for ADD YOUR ADVENTURES!