Lauren and Justin are modern day adventurers who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between having a family life and having an adventurous life. They want to challenge the traditional conventions of what it means to ‘settle down’ and prove that becoming a grown up can still be fun.

"We believe the world is the best classroom and nature the greatest teacher. We can’t think of a better way to raise our daughter than exploring the world, getting outdoors and letting her learn in the school of life"

 With this in mind last year they packed up their city comforts and took their 2 year old, Morgan on a 5 month expedition where they walked 1,800km across the Australian Outback!

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Mario literally trekked across the entire African continent from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt!

His epic two-year journey, which finished in February 2018, covered uncharted terrain, 12 countries and a diverse range of environments, including deserts, jungles, and areas of civil unrest. 

So why would one do this you ask?

"The drive for curiosity and exploration is vanishing in today's fast-paced and digital world. I think unlike past generations, more people are hesitant to venture out and meet strangers.

We are all filled with unimaginable potential - perhaps my adventure will inspire others to move away from their comfort zones and unleash theirs."

Stay tuned because we shall be unveiling the grand plans for his next adventure very soon!

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In May 2018 Terra became the first woman to walk 17,000km solo and unsupported around Australia. Terra has and continues to live an incredibly adventurous life from travelling with gypsies to meeting the Dalai Lama, she believes:

"Adventure is determined and measured by each individual. It can be a walk to the park to look at spring blossoms or play in autumn leaves, trying out a new cafe, attending a festival, travelling the world, walking across a continent. It is what you make it.

It is joy, discovery, a buzz, something new, exploring culture and places, escaping routine, stretching your limits, learning new skills. 
It is wonderful!"

Terra is currently writing a book about her adventurous life while she gears up to now literaly cycle around Australia!

instagram: @terraroams