The Adventure Junky App takes real-life adventure travel and adds an element of competition and reward. We’ve done the hard work and curated the earth’s greatest adventures. All you have to do - is do them. All the while, the Adventure Junky App keeps a track of and rewards you for your achievements. For those with a competitive streak the goal is to be crowned the earth’s number 1 Adventure Junky. For the mere mortals, there are plenty of other benefits and bonuses to ensure everyone who downloads the Adventure Junky App - is a winner.


Every adventure on the Adventure Junky App has been allocated a Points Score. How we calculate the Points Score is a secret, but what we can say is it is based on ‘challenge factors’ such as distance, difficulty duration, activities, and a few other aspects about the adventure. The bottom-line is, if you complete the adventure, you earn the Points Score. How do we know you have completed the adventure? If it is a guided adventure, the tour operator will tell us. If it’s a self-guided adventure, you will need to check-in using the Adventure Junky App on your mobile device. 


The more adventures you complete, the more points you earn, and the higher up the Leaderboard you go. But it's not all about being the earth's number 1 Adventure Junky. Down the track you will be able to use your points in other more tangible ways, such as discounts on adventures and gear, so it will pay later to start earning them now.


Adventure Junky uses a system of Morale Patches to acknowledge your achievements in specific areas of adventure. Think of them like Scout patches or Merit patches. If you are big fan of water-based adventures like kayaking or rafting you’ll probably end up with quite a few NEMO patches. You might even win the patch category in the Adventure Junky Annual awards. If you’re into anything snow covered you’ll definitely earn yourself a MOGUL patch or two. Patches are fun, but importantly they help us help you to find the adventures you love. You can even sew a real one onto your backpack or ski pants if you visit our Shop. To learn more about how the game works, we suggest you read The Rules of the Game.