US$5,000 in prizes for ADVENTURE JUNKYs!

In 2012, for the first time in history, 1 billion travellers crossed international borders - in a single year. Within 10 years that number could double.

It’s more important than ever to think about how we travel and to take a more sustainable approach - in order to conserve the cultures and environments around the world we so love to visit.

With your help, Adventure Junky is creating a directory of the earth’s best adventures. Not just any adventures, but those that are ‘high’ on experience and ‘low’ on impact.

Each week, starting October 23, for the rest of 2016, we’re awarding a prize for the best added adventure by our community – up to the value of US$250. See our Top 7 Tips for adding adventures.

We’re also awarding a Grand Prize of US$2,500 to the Adventure Junky at the top of our Leaderboard at 11:59pm on December 31st, 2016 AEDT – Earth's Adventure Junky of the Year 2016.

We believe by turning sustainable travel into a game that everyone can play, and rewarding those individuals leading the way, collectively we can save the world from the effects of mass tourism.

How to enter and play

– First you need to download the iOS App
– Secondly start scoring Points and work your way to the top of the Leaderboard. How do you score Points? There’s several ways:

completE adventures on the App

Each adventure on the app has been given a points score. Tap the Map Pin Icon to find adventures near you. To claim your points you need to check-in to the adventure using your mobile device. You can check-in to a self–guided adventure, even if they are not in cellular reception, providing your device has GPS functionality by completing an ‘offline check-in’. For Guided tours, check-in is automatic on the day the tour starts.

add your personal adventures to the App

For every adventure you successfully add to the App you earn Points and Patches. You also earn bonus points every time someone checks into, or likes, your adventure. Read our FAQ's for adding adventures to maximise your chances of successful submissions. 

Tap the + icon on the App to add your adventures, or use our  'Add an Adventure' Desktop site. Use the same login details as you did on the App.

Get credit for your past adventures 

If there’s an adventure on the app that you have already done then send us some pictures and we’ll credit you the points for that adventure. Take a look around the app, search on places you have travelled, or tap the Map Pin Icon to find adventures near you. If there’s any you’ve done just tap ‘I’ve done this’ and follow the prompts.

build up a strong tribe (friends, followers and heroes)

Every time someone follows you on the app you earn bonus points. It pays to tell your friends about the Adventure Junky app and get them join your tribe, by following you. Remember you only appear on the Leaderboard if you have a profile picture, so make sure that’s the first thing you do when you sign into the App.


We will award bonus points for all sorts of random reasons such as a particularly amazing adventures added or a cool profile picture. The more active you are on the app, the more likely you will be of earning random bonus points.

Learn more by reading our GAME FAQ’s.

Don’t forget to read our Competition Terms & Conditions.