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Eco-traveller app - Adventure Junky - today announced its ’50 Peak experiences of 2019’. Curated by Adventure Junky co-founders Nigel Malone and Fuchsia Sims, the list is their take on the coolest, greenest travel experiences on the planet.

From stand up paddle boarding the Amazon, digging for dinosaurs in Alberta, silent whale watching under the northern lights, to the world’s southernmost trek in Tierra del Fuego, Adventure Junky’s ’50 Peak experiences of 2019’ will make even the most seasoned traveller rethink their next adventure.

The ’50 Peak’ list is also acknowledgement and praise for those featured Operators and Destinations leading the way in sustainable travel. Each one has put care for the environment and communities they operate in at the forefront of their thinking and actions - be it conserving habitat, eliminating single use plastic, to offering 100% carbon neutral travel.

“Our ’50 Peak’ represent the future of travel and tourism - a snapshot of an industry that works not only to enhance the trave er’s personal we being, but equa y that of the people and places they visit. W e encourage a trave ers to get behind the operators and destinations you see in our ‘P eak 50’ and put them first in your travel choices.” Fuchsia Claire Sims, Co-Founder Adventure Junky

In branding the ‘Peak 50’, the Junkys took a leaf out of influential psychologist Abraham Maslow’s book. He originated the term ‘Peak Experience’ in 1964, defining it as ‘a rare, exciting, elevating, even magical or mystical experience’.

Adventure Junky will be running a series of competitions throughout the year giving travelers a chance to win a ‘Peak 50’ experience, simply by bucketlisting it on the Adventure Junky App. Full competition details will be released in February, but travellers can start now by downloading the App and bucketlisting adventures by tapping the ‘Bucket’ icon on the adventure.


Snapshot of the ’50 Peak experiences of 2019’ -
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Australian start-up Adventure Junky presents tourism professionals and travellers alike with both a world-first and a lot of fun. The Adventure Junky app, Earth’s Adventure Travel Game, is the result of 3 years of research and development and the ambitious goal to reimagine the way the world travels. Adventure Junky Co-founder Fuchsia Claire Sims introduces the basic premise...

“Imagine all the great travel experiences you’ve ever had, and those still on your bucket list, are a part of global game. And that each one of these experiences has been given a Points score. For each one you complete, or have completed in the past, you are awarded those points and move up the Leaderboard. You might simply play against your friends to find out who is the ‘bigger adventurer’, or play against the world for the prize and title of Earth’s Number 1 Adventure Junky.”

But there is more to Adventure Junky than just fun and games. The team behind the idea bring a diversity of experience, ranging from helping troubled youth turn their lives around through adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica, working with remote indigenous communities to develop self-sufficiency through cultural tourism, developing brand strategies for World Heritage Sites and advising corporations on how to become carbon neutral.

Everyday 3 million travellers cross international borders, a number that has been growing exponentially since the 1950’s. Within 10 years the number could double. Are the people and places we love to visit resilient enough to withstand the flood of overtourism? Taleb Rifai, Secretary General, of the UNWTO sums up the challenge facing the industry. “Our natural capital is the environment and culture, and you don’t consume your capital. No business does that.”

In response to this challenge Adventure Junky established a set of guidelines, with help from the Adventure Travel Trade Association, by which adventures would be selected to appear on App. In simple terms adventures must be ’high’ on experience and ‘low’ on impact if they are to make the cut. By turning ‘sustainable travel’ into a game that everyone loves to play, Adventure aims to ensure sustainability, just as much as experience is the new standard in travel.

It is not by chance the Adventure Junky App has been designed with the Millennial in mind. At 3bn, the generation (aged 18-35) is now officially the world’s biggest demographic. By 2018 they will also overtake Baby Boomers in earning power. Millennials in the US alone already spend $250BN on travel annually. Their sheer size and influence on Social Media will ensure Millennials play
the leading role in shaping the travel industry for decades to come.

The game aspects (points, patches, leaderboads) of the Adventure Junky App tap directly into the Millennial’s competitive spirit, keeping them coming back to the app and achieving their travel goals - you could say addicted. It also harnesses their love of sharing the experiences that define their lives, and invites them to become co-creators of the game. Over half of the 1,000+ adventures added to the app during the late 2016 testing phase were user-generated.

For the travel marketer, Adventure Junky represents an innovative new social platform, designed to capture and hold the attention of today’s traveller, in spite of the infinite number of choices at our fingertips. With Chairman John Morse AM, ex head of Tourism Australia, overseeing governance and mentoring the Management team, not since AirBnB has there been a startup with the potential, concept, strategy and backing to reinvent the way the world travels.

Adventure Junky currently partners with Tourism Board partners from Australia, Sweden, Greenland and Canada, and many of the world’s best-practice tour operators in its mission. Adventure Junky is currently extending a limited number of additional partnership invitations to both Destination Marketers and Tour Operators. Interested parties should start a conversation by contacting either of the Directors listed below.


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 CONTACT information:

Fuchsia Claire Sims, Co-Founder
+61 0430 547363

Nigel Malone, Co-Founder
+61 409 336 938

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