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Have you ever heard about an amazing adventure travel company or leader and wondered how they got there? Like, how does someone go from being a regular ol' Joe to living the dream as the founder of a company or adventure wizard whose whole purpose is to excite and amaze people?

Well, if you listen to this adventure travel podcast then you wonder no more. I interview the movers and the shakers in the adventure travel industry and help them share their ups and downs on getting where they are, what motivates them to keep going, and why they do it. Today we meet with Nigel Malone Co-Founder of the Adventure Junky App… Listen Now

Adventure Options  September 2018

Adventure Options September 2018

Vist Design  August 2018

Vist Design August 2018


Adventure Junky have 'gamified' travel by rewarding their audience with points as they head to some of the rarest destinations on the planet.

We talk about building an audience by sharing experiences, and having that same audience help build the platform by sharing back. 

We also cover the business of targeting (and defining!) millennials. An audience that demands digital perfection. And if they don't get what they want they'll either go elsewhere - or soon become your competition... Listen Now


Is there such a thing as sustainable travel?Adventure Junky’s Fuchsia Claire Sims ventured to Patagonia to find out. ‘Here for the long run’ follows her journey into Torres del Paine National Park to visit the Patagonia EcoCamp – the world’s first geodesic hotel and member of The Long Run.

“I wanted to see if commercial tourism could work in harmony with nature and culture - to ensure the people and places we love to visit will be here for the long run.”  Watch to find out


... The trail that has been blazed by this adventure for me is motherhood. You can still have adventures and be a parent - and should because it builds curiosity and resilience in not only yourself but your child. I have no doubt Morgan is going to change the world with Lauren and Justin by her side. Keep chasing life Jonesys, and I’ll keep following... Read more

Travel Live Play  January 2018

Travel Live Play January 2018

Just Breakaway  July 2017

Just Breakaway July 2017

JUST breakaway | Sustainable Travel Adventure Junky? Join the Tribe...

Instead of the first goal being self-fulfillment, you can start with the intent of enriching the well-being of the people and places you visit. Learn their stories, speak to their communities. Remarkably, by traveling in this alternate way, you will likely end up having a powerfully richer experience. And sharing it with those around you. This type of travel allows you to give something first, then receive joy and rejuvenation 10-fold in return... Read more

NPR: Here & NOW | Volcano Surfing? Spelunking? New Travel App Offers Adventure And Sustainability

The United Nations declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism — just in time for the Adventure Junky travel app. Part environmental guide, part social planner, the app offers sustainability-minded adventurers the tools to find off-the-beaten-path travel experiences, or to revel in those experienced by others.

The app, with about 10,000 users, is the brainchild of Australian adventurers Nigel Malone and Fuchsia Claire Sims joins Here & Now's Robin Young from Australia to talk about the app's possibilities... Listen Now

BOSTON GLOBE | An APP FOR ADventure junkies

Choose your own thrills with Adventure Junky, a new app for iPhone and Android that allows players to navigate different experiences around the world with a little friendly competition.

Cofounders Nigel Malone and Fuchsia Claire Sims wanted to respond to the demand for sustainable and transformational travel. The app went through several years of development, during which Malone and Sims looked at the trends of tourism and travel, more specifically adventure travel and impact tourism has on changing the climate.

The app relies on user-generated content, where participants can submit their own adventures that are then vetted by the Adventure Junky curation team. The goal is to feature adventures that are unique, spontaneous, and leave little or no mark on the planet... Read more

Boston Globe  June 2017

Boston Globe June 2017


The United Nations has proclaimed 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development with a goal of promoting positive change in travel with regard to social inclusion, environmental protection and economic equality...

Geared toward millennial travelers, the new app Adventure Junky makes a game of sustainable travel practices, awarding points for low-impact experiences and showcasing destinations and travel operators that offer them. Friends can play against one another or compete globally for bragging rights... Read more

New York Times  May 2017


Australian start-up Adventure Junky is looking to change the way we travel. Through an app that creates a points-based game out of adventure travel, the company hopes to promote travel that is high on experience, and low on impact — to both the people and places we visit... Read more


The Gear Caster  June 2017

The Gear Caster June 2017


An Australian startup founded by Fuchsia Sims and Nigel Malone, Adventure Junky is a rapidly growing social network and travel game. The app that was created in hopes of saving the planet from mass tourism one adventure at a time promotes sustainable travel by awarding users points and patches for low-impact experiences while showcasing the destinations and travel operators that offer them... Read more

A Life of Wander June 2017

A Life of Wander June 2017

ADVENTURE TRAVEL NEWS | Adventure Junky App a Game-Changer for the Travel Industry

At ITB Berlin 2017, Australian start-up Adventure Junky presented tourism professionals with both a world’s first experience and a lot of fun. The Adventure Junky app, Earth’s Adventure Travel Game, is the result of three years of research and development and an ambitious goal that reimagines the way the world travels...
Read more



Deep within our DNA remains a desire to connect with nature, despite modern society’s best efforts to override it. We now think of our food source as the supermarket, not the soil. Our built environment has taken command of the elements with air-conditioning, artificial lighting and a skyline that interrupts our view of sunrise and built-in body clock. We’ve come so far from our origins that we now call it an ‘adventure’ to step back into nature... Read more

Travel Live Play  January 2017

Travel Live Play January 2017


Fuchsia Claire Sims, the co-founder of Adventure Junkywas never going to have a boring life.

At the age of 18 she left home for the jungles of Costa Rica to work as a white water river guide for 18 months.

“Through that experience I transcended so many of my own perceived limits, and I got to heal and sit with myself, nature and other people so I could understand the world.”

Fast forward a few years and now Fuchsia and her co-founder Nigel Malone are building Adventure Junky, a travel app that is transforming adventure travel into a unified game experience... Listen Now

THE AU REVIEW |Adventure Junky app unites thrill-seekers from all over the globe

An Australian travel tech start-up, has released a world-first app that allows for adventurers from all corners of the globe to share their experiences over a new social network where they can play, compete, connect and gain rewards.

In one easy-to-use forum, the app offers over 500 different adventures, ranging from the more relaxing adventures such as wildlife watching to the more exhilarating extreme sports. You can browse and book any adventure worldwide with ease, as well as create and share adventures of your own... Read more

The AU Review  June 2016

The AU Review June 2016

Sweden tips|Jämtland Härjedalen partners with the Adventure Junky app

With some of the earth’s leading adventure tourism destinations Jämtland Härjedalen is hand-picked as launching partner to the app Adventure Junky. Summit hikes, midnight fishing and snowkiting on frozen lakes are part of the Swedish adventures that are chosen to impress global adventure junkies... Read more

Sweden Tips  April 2016

Sweden Tips April 2016

huffington post|New Year's Day Adventures To Start Your Year Right

Fuchsia Sims, co-founder of Adventure Junky, said people's attitudes towards experiences are shifting.

"There's this whole kind of awakening, in terms of what people want to spend their time on. People now want unique experiences that can't be re-created," she told The Huffington Post Australia... Read more


Huffington Post  December 2015

Huffington Post December 2015