Adventure Junky invites Nordic Tourism Organisations, Tour Operators, travel businesses and adventure professionals to partner with us in our mission to see your region become the European brand leader in Adventure Travel. 

In the past we have always categorised our adventures by country. The countries with the most adventures usually figure highly on our Leaderboard and in search results. They tend to have much more prominence in the Adventure Junky app.

For the first time we will introduce a region into the game - NORDIC. Adventures from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Greenland will list under both their respective countries, and the NORDIC region.

By presenting under a single banner, NORDIC has the potential to become the most dominant destination on the Adventure Junky App. This combined with the innovation and engagement power of gamification, offers Nordic countries a powerful marketing tool.

This opportunity will be optimised through broad support from across all Nordic countries. As such we have established a series of new partnership options that allow a diverse range of organisations and individuals to participate.

We will be in the Nordic region until the 25th of April and would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you in person. Email us to set up a meeting


Destinations such as national and regional tourism bodies can gain a competitive advantage over their competition through brand innovation and access to a highly engaged, rapidly growing audience of genuine adventure travellers. 
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Tour operators and guides can utilise our full booking system or generate leads for their trips by adding their adventures and linking them back directly to the business website site of their choice.
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Adventure venues, such as resorts, hotels, outdoor retailers and climbing gyms can establish themselves as adventures on the app that users can check-in to and earn points at, driving preference, creating leads, sales and foot traffic.
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PHOTOGRAPHERS, writers, filmmakers

Photographers, journalists, bloggers, and professional adventurers can create awareness of their work and travels and drive traffic back to the business website site of their choice. 
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