Earth’s #1 Adventure Junky
The Player with the most Game Points scored over the previous 52 weeks will hold the #1 position on the Individual Leaderboard, and gain the title of ‘Earth’s #1 Adventure Junky’. Where there are one or more Players with the same leading score, they will share the title. All Players that attain the #1 position will receive a Leader Patch in perpetuity.

Morale Patch Leader
There are 21 Morale Patches that can be won, multiple times. The Player with the highest accumulated number of each Morale Patch is a Patch Leader. A Player may be the Patch Leader for a single Morale Patch, or multiple Morale Patches.

Earth’s #1 Team*
The Adventure Junky Team with the most Game Points scored over the previous 52 weeks will hold the #1 position on the Team Leaderboard, and gain the title of ‘Earth’s #1 Adventure Junky Team’. *Teams will come into play in early 2016.

Most Adventurous Destination
The Destination holding the #1 position on the Destination Leaderboard. 


Every Adventure in the Game has been allocated a Game Points Score based on a series of Challenge Factors. Every Adventure has also been allocated one or more Morale Patches based on the Activities of the Adventure. Players earn Game Points and Morale Patches by undertaking and completing Adventures. A Player’s Points, Morale Patches and overall Rank in the Game is displayed on the Leaderboard.


There are 2 main types of Adventures in the Game:

Guided Adventures
These are adventures offered by professional tour operators. Points and Morale Patches are awarded automatically to the Player, that books an Adventure through the Adventure Junky App, on the date of departure of that Adventure.

Self-Guided Adventures
These are adventures undertaken by Players of their own accord. Points and Morale Patches are awarded to Players at the time of Check-in to the Adventure. Players Check-in to Self-Guided Adventure using their mobile device. Players are advised to note the Check-in zone before setting out on a Self-Guided Adventure, to ensure they Check-in at the right time and place during their Adventure. Players are also advised to Bucket List the Self–Guided they intend to undertake. Players are able to Check-in to a Self–Guided Adventure even if they are not in cellular reception, providing their device has GPS, location services enabled and they have previously added the Adventure to their Bucket List.


Adventure Junky will periodically award and offer Bonus Points to Players. As a general rule of thumb, the more you engage with the App (such as Bucket List your favourite Adventures, add Profile pictures, or Share to Social Media) the greater your chances of receiving Bonus Points. 

Earn Bonus Points by Adding your Adventures to the Game

Players can submit their own Self–Guided Adventures, past and present for inclusion in the Game. This can be done directly through the Adventure Junky App and shortly through the Adventure Junky website ‘Add an Adventure’ Page. If the submission is successful, the Player’s Adventure will be added to the Game, and the Player will be awarded full Game Points and Morale Patches for that Adventure, as calculated from their home location. In addition, every time another Player checks-in to that Self–Guided Adventure, the Player that submitted the Adventure will receive 100 bonus Game Points. Players thinking about submitting their own Adventures are encouraged to read our Add an Adventure Guidelines.


Some Players will have the option to join a Team. Should they chose to join a Team, their Game Points will be added to all other Team Members to form a Team Score. Team Scores and Ranks will be recorded on the Team Leaderboard. Joining a Team does not preclude a Player participating as an individual within the Game. Players will be given the option to join, and leave one Team only. *Teams will come into play in early 2016.