Fuchsia is the public face and spokesperson of the Adventure Junky Brand, regularly speaking as a Keynote and MC of events - from corporates, to hardcore adventures, women's groups, school and university students. Fuchsia also presents on radio, television and film.

Fuchsia commands a great presence on stage and camera -  making a strong connection with her audience. She is well versed and able to speak across a variety of topics from Motivation and Empowerment to Adventure, Women in Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Travel Technology, Branding and Storytelling, Indigenous and Cultural Tourism, Sustainability.


By age ten, Fuchsia had already visited 30 countries and knew how to say ‘I’m a vegetarian’ in 12 languages. After school she ran away to the jungles of Costa Rica, spending 18 months living in harmony with sloths and toucans, where she worked as a river guide, helping troubled youth re-wild and re-build their self-esteem. Here she discovered the true power of adventure – to help us grow and develop as individuals.

Fuchsia has a degree in International Marketing and the Experience Economy. Having spent the last decade juggling marketing and mountains, Fuchsia finally found her calling as co-founder of the Adventure Junky App – Earth’s Sustainable Travel Game.

With literally billions of travellers circling the planet every year, Fuchsia and her team are on a mission to positively influence the future of travel. In July 2017 Adventure Junky became a B Corp, so they really walk the talk.

TOPICS & Specialities

Inspiration and Empowerment, Adventure, Women in Business, Entrepreneurship, Travel Technology, Branding and Storytelling, Indigenous and Cultural Tourism, Sustainability and combating Overtourism.

Here are two of Fuchsia's favourite Keynotes:


Fuchsia's life stories about the the power of adventure are loaded with inspiration and business insight - from her time as a boy scout to jungle river guide helping troubled youth, to being one of Australia's leading women's adventure coaches, to start-up entrepreneur seeking to reinvent the way the world travels - using her business as a force for good! Learn more


In this engaging and insightful talk, Fuchsia unpacks the Millennial mindset, now the biggest and highest earning demographic on the planet. She shows how this unique ever evolving style of traveller is behaving and how we can engage with them to achieve a win win - by making sustainability a  game could we help reinvent the way the world travels? Learn more

Travel TEch SUMMIT 2018

The Travel Tech Summit is Australia’s definitive new event for travel’s most influential people.

Leading industry experts came together for a series of visionary keynotes, fireside chats and interactive panel sessions. The summit explored themes from AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality to Blockchain, Personalisation and how to capture the attention of the ‘new age traveller’.

Fuchsia was among them, listen to her speech where she posed an important question…
"Can Millennials save the world from overtourism?"

As now both the biggest and highest earning demographic on the planet, it is they who will shape the future of tourism. Fuchsia's playful, action-packed talk, provides an insight into the Millennial mindset and how brands can foster and prosper from their passion for sustainability.


“It was a great pleasure to have Fuchsia speaking at the Travel Tech Summit. Her fun, educational and inspirational presentation captivated the entire audience - through her energy on stage, combined with her sense of humor, the whole presentation was very engaging” 

Lucia Bautista, Conference Director - Travel Tech Summit 2018

“Fuchsia was an incredibly engaging speaker to have at MATTER impressing not only the audience but her fellow panel members as well.

Her passion, knowledge and energy is unique and hard to be missed - and couldn’t, when she jumped into the pool to ‘make a splash’ at the end of one of her talks!

It’s always refreshing to meet people like Fuchsia and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Jessica Den Boer, Marketing Manager -  PURE Life Experiences / MATTER 

“Engaging, compelling, inspiring! Fuchsia captivates audiences in packed university lecture theatres and small groups. Having pursued her adventures from an early age, she tells amazing stories of the wonders of our world.

But Fuchsia’s stories go beyond exploration, challenge, persistence and success. She motivates her audiences to set off on their own adventures through life. Not just any adventures: striving to achieve something important to them that leaves a positive impact on people and the planet.

Fuchsia also inspires organisations. At a time when business, government and society desperately need leadership in responding to global challenges, she ‘walks her talk’. As a certified B Corporation, her company shows how success can be redefined in business and in life to include building a more equitable and sustainable world. “ 

Prof. Steve Elliot, Director - Business Environmental Sustainability Research Group

 "Fuchsia is a beautiful balance of wild adventurer woman, fierce with determination and wisdom she has gained by an incredible life well traveled, and a gentle grace and softening presence. She has a way about her, that people feel comfortable and willing to share their story on a deeper level.

Fuchsia goes above and beyond to research prior to get the best out of people on the day of the event. I couldn't have been happier with Fuchsia as MC for my event and recommend her highly. Needless to say, she also lights up the stage with her radiant beauty, capturing the crowd."

Sasha White Havlikova, Director - CURVY Creative Women's Conference

"What a total breath of fresh outdoor air this woman is!

Having first met Fuchsia over the phone, it actually wasn’t until we got to know her and hear her speak at our numerous events that we saw they way this girl, could light up a room.

With a passion and knowledge for sustainable adventure travel Fuchsia and her amazing personal stories of wanderlust are enough to have you not only smiling throughout her talks, but sitting on the edge of your seat time and time again wondering, how did she actually get to do that? Her message of the importance of caring for our mother earth whilst we share it’s bounty’s are not only unique as a speaker but an important one for us all to hear."

Kerryann Hayes, Director - Travel Play Live

"Fuchsia has so much incredible energy on stage. She is able to engage everyone and discuss eloquently and intelligently about whatever topic is being presented. 

Fuchsia put so much effort and research into MC'ing our 2018 event, and was able to introduce all of our speakers without any cards or prompts. 

I would highly recommend Fuchsia as an MC and presenter to any event, and very much look forward to working with her in the future."

Emma Walker, Founder  -  She Went Wild

"Fuchsia Claire Sims presented herself to a room full of 200 young tap dance teachers. What did Fuchsia’s expertise have to do with dance teachers? Everything!

Fuchsia was vibrant and enthusiastic about her work and this was exactly what I wanted her to impart to these young dance teachers.

Fuchsia had a pleasing personality and conveyed her message with confidence. The audience listened to her every word. Her varied adventurous background held everyone in awe.

Feedback afterwards from the teachers was absolutely 100 % positive – they were all ready to go off and apply this enthusiasm to their own work in the studio teaching tap dance.

I would definitely recommend Fuchsia for speaking events if you want your clients to go forth with enthusiasm, confidence and a zest for an adventurous life."

Glenn Wood, Director -  Glenn Wood Tap

“Fuchsia is the muse of my clothing label and an inspiration to me and everyone she connects with.
What she stands for is bigger than herself, what she stands for is being the change she wants in the world.

Fuchsia is graceful and open in her life , she speaks with humility and intelligence and her actions are an example to all the women on our planet to learn from and aspire towards.

Fuchsia is professional, fast to learn and creative , she captivates her audience on stage , in front of the camera , behind the camera , amongst people but most of all she shines wondering free in nature.”

Kelly Jervis, Director - Keokai